About me


I am an entertainment industry professional with almost a decade of experience in animation and videogames.

For four years I led the Original Productions department of Cartoon Network Mexico. During my time there I oversaw the creative development and launch of successful new shows like Villainous and Toontorial.

I have written hundreds of articles as an entertainment journalist, mostly as Gaming Editor for Red Bull Mexico, I have also been published by IGN Latin America. My essays have been published on the book “Videogames around the World” and the “Encyclopedia of Videogames”, both edited by Mark Wolf.

In 2015 I launched Agent Awesome, my first original game which I directed and produced. After Agent Awesome I worked as an Executive Producer for Kuijez and then as a Level Designer for Mansion Alien, an educational videogame.

First and foremost I am a geek, passionate about creating worlds and stories that will surprise and delight my audience. My experience as an executive, a journalist and an independent creator gives me a unique vision that can enrich any creative project.

Let’s work together in making this a better and happier world through entertainment. 


“Humberto is a very creative professional who is sure to find interesting solutions to narrative and procedural problems. Collaborating with Humberto will always give you a different and useful perspective.”

-David Mimila, CEO – Viva Calavera Animation Studio

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