What I do

Paul Zehr InterviewEditorial

I find the best stories around the videogame, tech and media industries and contextualize them within the current social climate.

Be it a game or movie review, an interview, or a long form essay I will always find the angle that both inspires and informs my readers.

Production consulting Captura de pantalla 2018-07-26 a las 10.09.50

Looking to get into the mexican entertainment industry? Just want to get a better understanding of it? Do you need to get your production back on track? Give me a call! Let me put my years of experience in the videogame and animation industry at your service.


Script writing AA intro p05 2

Telling stories is my one true passion. I can help you create a story from scratch or getting your concept into a script. I have experience writing both short format, long format shows and narrative design for videogames.

Script Doctoring


You are writing a kick ass script but got into a rut? Got no idea where to take your characters or how to get them where you want them? Are your dialogues feeling a little bit stiff? Contact me and together we can make your great story even better. 

Creative Development Header_villainous

Let’s put my years of experience working on the development side of Cartoon Network Mexico for you. I have helped get into shape shows like Villainous and Toontorial. Let’s work together to make your good idea a great one.

Game Design9

Videogames are the most powerful storytelling medium there is & this belief drove me to study Game Design. I have worked designing mini games, board games, system design, game balancing and even directed my own videogame: Agent Awesome. Got a game idea you want to turn into a reality? Give me a call.

409603_10151973522835632_447301833_nWorkshops & Public Speaking

Sharing is caring! And I would love to share my experience at your event or with your employees. I have a wide array of workshops and classes: game design, innovation, gamification, creativity & story telling. I would even love to share my public speaking secrets with you.

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